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Our Spaces

Small. Medium. Large. Whatever your size, we have a number of rooms to get it just right. Your Event Manager is a great resource to help select the right amount of space, arrangement of tables and chairs and number of rooms to accommodate your event. Check out the chart below to start the conversation. Ultimately, your Event Manager will have the best recommendation for you based on your specific requirements including expected attendance and planned activities.



Chairs only


Estimated with 18” tables set with 4 chairs per table



Estimated with 6’ tables set with 10 chairs per table


Arena 5,700
(stadium seating included)
1,664 1,800 30,271
Concourse 540 240 240 4,124
Daktronics Conference Center - Room AB
688 370 360 6,085
Daktronics Conference Center - Room A
417 200 200 3,498
Daktronics Conference Center - Room B
272 152 160 2,588
Daktronics Conference Center - Room CD 568 252 300 5,023
Daktronics Conference Center - Room C 192 80 100 1,966
Daktronics Conference Center - Room D 346 144 180 3,057
Daktronics Board Room 50 22 10 430
Daktronics Conference Room 70 32 20 540
Mezzanine Board Room 49 24 20 420
Mezzanine Conference Room 49 21 20 400
Lobby A 132 56 80 1,380

All seating is approximate. Numbers will vary based on each specific event requirements. Connect directly with our Event Managers to get the best estimate for your event.

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Want more details and info? Download our Planner Guide! Inside you'll find tons of information about our facility to make the planning easy and seamless from start to finish.

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