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Swiftel Center Releases Fan Survey Results

Brookings, S.D. (6/29/2020) – The Swiftel Center released a video highlighting results from a recent fan survey in which people were asked questions to help inform the Swiftel Center team as they prepared for the facility reopening. The 13-question electronic survey was distributed via email and social media channels.

The objectives of the survey were to: understand the likelihood and timing of people returning to the facility, identify areas of concern, gauge the desire for specific health safety procedures, and measure people’s comfort level with a few basic possible protocols. The survey was available starting 5/26/2020 through 6/5/2020. The Swiftel Center received 376 total responses.

Some of the key findings included:
  • 66% will attend the same number of events or more
  • 84% will feel comfortable using a venue restroom
  • 60% will feel comfortable sitting next to another party at an event
Fan Concerns
Respondents could select as many as applied. These are the top results.
  • 64% cleanliness of venue overall
  • 55% health safety for you and your family
  • 53% cleanliness of restrooms
Desired Health Safety Procedures
Respondents could select as many as applied. These are the top results.
  • 68% available sanitizers
  • 35% employee temperature screenings
  • 34% employees wearing masks
  • 31% none; I am comfortable returning to previous practices
To view the video and full survey results, visit www.swiftelcenter.com/fansurvey.

In response to COVID-19, the Swiftel Center is taking every reasonable precaution to promote a safe and healthy environment. The Swiftel Center is thoughtfully and conscientiously following the recommended guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the City of Brookings ordinances.

The Swiftel Center actively strives to maintain a facility that provides a diverse, exceptional and positive guest experience including providing a clear and transparent safety program to our guests. Our Health Safety Program is a comprehensive document based on the most effective health safety practices currently available. To view the document, visit www.swiftelcenter.com/covid19.
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