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Swiftel Center Recognized for Great Service

Brookings, S.D. (10/17/2016) – Midwest hospitality at its best; that’s the philosophy at the Swiftel Center. That motto rang true last week when the Swiftel Center was awarded the 2017 Great Service Star designation by the South Dakota Department of Tourism and the Governor’s Tourism Advisory Board.

“What a privilege and honor it is to be rewarded as a Great Service Star designee,” said Jeremy Linstad, Associate Executive Director of the Swiftel Center. “One of our core values we instill in all of our departments is customer service and for our customers to expect excellence. It’s reassuring to see that our dedication is working.”

To qualify, the Swiftel Center was required to fill out an application answering questions about hospitality training, employee recognition and customer feedback. In the application process, each business was asked to describe its hospitality philosophy. The Swiftel Center answered with a resounding “MIDWEST HOSPITALITY AT ITS BEST.”

“Every staff member can provide a moment of impact for our clients, whether its opening a door, setting up a table, serving a meal, or just offering a friendly welcome,” said Tom Richter, Executive Director of the Swiftel Center. “We always need to be on top of our game. Programs like the Great Service Star designation demonstrate our commitment to our guests to always be the best we can be.”

Team members– including all Swiftel Center full-time and part time staff – are encouraged to always consider the four basic needs of any guest: to feel welcome, to feel important, to be understood, and to be safe and comfortable. The staff at the Swiftel Center strives to provide excellence customer service that upholds these four needs.

The Great Service Star designation program is designed to identify and recognize businesses that complete a set of criteria for hospitality training of their employees, offer a comment mechanism for visitors, and recognize employees for providing great service. Participants meeting the criteria are awarded a star symbol for use in marketing their business and to demonstrate to visitors their commitment to “Great Service.” They also receive a Great Service Star plaque.

To qualify for the Great Service Star designation, businesses must have the following in place: 1. Employee Hospitality Training, 2. Visitor Comment Mehanism, and 3. Recognition for Employees.
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